We’ve got lots of ways for you to be directly involved at the 8th annual VidCon in Anaheim. We’ll update this page regularly. Check it out!


We’re happy to announce that this year we’ll be hosting an Open-Call: Audition for Awesomeness at VidCon 2017! Those who are selected will perform for 10 minutes on the Awesomeness Festival Stage, located in the Anaheim Convention Center’s Grand Plaza. Auditionees must have already purchased their 8th Annual VidCon pass before applying.

Thank you for submitting to the Audition for Awesomeness! Submissions are now closed. We look forward to seeing these performances on the Awesomeness Festival Stage!

Creator Chats

Sit around a table with the Featured Creator of your choice and chat with them about video production, social media management, online video, or anything else!

Creator Chats are open to Creator and Industry Track attendees ONLY. Availability of Featured Creators participating is subject to change.

The Creator Chat Lottery is now closed.

Networking Sessions & Fan Meet Ups!

We are very excited to open programming up at VidCon to YOU!

We know that fans & smaller creators are the backbone of online communities, and that conventions are a rare time for people who like an internet thing to come together IRL and celebrate it. Which is why we are excited to be hosting Fan Meetups & themed Networking Sessions at VidCon.

Thank you for your suggestions! Check out the full list of Meet Ups and Networking Sessions on the agenda!